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Making strong passwords

Choose long and unique passwords

Use long and unique passwords. It can often be easier to remember your passwords if you use phrases or sentences. In Crypho we call your password a passphrase to encourage the use of a phrase. It is more important that you use different passwords for different services than switching passwords often.

Write them down

Feel free to write down your passphrase on a piece of paper that you store in a safe location. Or even better, use a password manager.

Long, strong passphrases increase password security. You should also turn on two-factor authentication for websites and apps that support it. In Crypho, two-factor authentication is mandatory and always turned on.

Your passphrase should:

  • be as long as possible, for example 5 words or 16 letters or more.
  • be unique for every website and service.
  • contain a variation of letters, both uppercase and lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • preferably not contain words that can be linked directly to you or the service.

Passphrase requirements in Crypho

Crypho does not have specific requirements to special symbols, numbers or such. As you enter your passphrase, Crypho analyses the strenght of the passphrase in real time and shows the strenght in a “password-strength-meter” under the passsphrase-field. When the passphrase is strong enough, the meter turns green.

strong passphrase