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Using Crypho, you communicate either directly with your contacts or in groups. To add a contact, you must invite them to be your contact and they must approve your contact request. You can only be made someone’s contact by explicit approval. Your contacts are listed in your main Crypho home screen. Only you can see who your contacts are. They are not shared with others.

Inviting a contact

To add a contact, click the add contact button in the main contact listing screen. You will be given the opportunity to enter their email address and a personal message. An invitation email will be sent them inviting them to be your contact in Crypho. If they don’t have an account already, they will have to join first in order to accept your invitation.Your personal message will be sent as part of the invitation email to them. Once they choose to accept your invitation, they will appear in your contacts list and you will appear as a contact in their list.

The invitations menu

In the “invitations” entry in the top menu, you can see you sent and received invitations. The counter on the main menu entry shows the number of received invitations you have not yet responded to. The menu has two entries:

  • Received invitations: A list of invitations received from others, each invitation with an option to accept or reject it. Rejecting an invitation throws it silently away without alerting the person that invited you.
  • Sent invitations: Shows a list of invitations that you have sent to others. Each invitation has the option to withdraw the invitation by clicking the x next to it. This also silently deletes the invitation, and does not send a notification to the recipient.

Deleting a contact

To delete a contact, click on them in the main list so you can view the conversation with them. In the bottom right corner of the chat is a button saying “delete contact”. Clicking this will delete them from your contacts, and you will be removed from their contact list as well.