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About Crypho

Crypho is a Norwegian company that delivers high-security enterprise communications with end-to-end encryption; chat, file sharing and video conferencing.

Crypho was established in Norway in 2012 by open source and cryptography veterans. Nowadays Crypho is a trusted partner for a range of government bodies and private sector customers in Norway and internationally. We work with some of the most demanding customers in the field of information security. We help organizations with high security requirements, such as law enforcement, government, health and financial services communicate confidentially and securely.

Crypho's DNA is in open source, encryption, security, and privacy.

Crypho has received high international acclaim. Crypho won the prestigious Norwegian Rosing award for cybersecurity in 2015, as well as the EU commission’s Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award.

Crypho has offices in Oslo, Norway.

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For customer support, visit the help and customer support page.

Contact information

Crypho AS. C/O Techstep
Brynsalléen 4
0667 Oslo

+47 23 17 23 50

Crypho is a registered Norwegian company with registry number 998713781 MVA