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Enterprise accounts

Crypho offers a paid version for organizations and companies. It offers useful features for managing many users and company compliance.

Extra features:

  • Customers can share and store large files, up to 100mb. There is no limit on storage.
  • Customers can create as many groups as they wish.
  • Customers can download transcripts of chats in plain text format. This can be useful for compliance or archiving purposes.
  • Customers are identified as professional users and have a badge indicating their organization/company in the contact list below their names.

Managing an organizational account:

The administrator of an organization account can add and remove people to the account. In the menu, select Company.

Account admin page

The account overview includes:

  1. The company name. This will be shown on contact list for all members of the account.
  2. A list of all members of the account.
  3. A form to add new members to the account

"Add member form"