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Using Crypho

Crypho is a messaging and sharing tool for people and organisations with high security requirements. It provides an easy to use chat and file sharing application that helps teams communicate confidential information easily.

Crypho is a Software-as-a-Service, free for personal use and paid for businesses and professionals. You can use Crypho through a normal web-browser or on your mobile device of choice. No pre-installation of software, firewall-configuration or key exchange is necessary.

Crypho is end-to-end encrypted

This means that when you send messages or share files through Crypho, your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. The encryption is done with keys shared by only you and the message recipient. Only the recipient with the correct keys can decrypt the information shared. No one else can access your messages and files — not even Crypho staff. It is impossible for Crypho to get access to your information or to grant others access to your information. For a more in-depth look at the security design, have a look at our technical security page.

Crypho is private

Crypho is private and confidential by default. Crypho does not share or publish information about you like other applications or social networks do.

Core functionality

Crypho is group messaging and file sharing. You can chat with your contacts directly or in groups. You can share files directly in the chat or keep a shared folder of files between two people or for a group. Only the people explicitly granted access can view or download the files. All files and messages are strongly encrypted and never available to anyone else.