Transparency Report and Warrant Canary


Crypho has an extremely high focus on the privacy of our users and the confidentiality of their content. There may however be cases where we are presented with legal requirements to share information with government authorities. This page outlines our policies for how to manage this.

First and foremost: Since all content in Crypho is encrypted with keys that only our customers hold, none of the content shared by our customers can be surrendered to authorities, regardless of warrants. The following policies are only related to the limited metadata that is available to us.

Norwegian law allows for the government to issue warrants for seizure and search of stored customer’s data on certain conditions.

Crypho AS will not share customer data with any authorities unless compelled to do so by law. This means a request from a Norwegian court approved by a judge.

Crypho is subject to Norwegian law only. Foreign agencies with requests for information should direct their requests to the Norwegian police. We cannot comply with foreign requests that are not supported by a Norwegian court order.

When legally possible, we will provide advance notice to our customers about any government data requests. We will inform about the warrant and about how it was handled. Where legally possible, we will also share the information publicly here.

Warrant Canary

On some occasions, however, we may be prohibited from doing so by law. Some warrants come with a “gag order”, a restriction on informing customers or the public that there warrant exists. In order to still keep our customers informed, we have implemented a “Warrant Canary”

The idea behind a warrant canary is as follows: if Crypho receives legal demands with a gag order, we won’t be able to tell our customers. We can however, say that we have received no such requests, and update the statement regularly. Thus, if we stop saying we have received no requests, the implicit understanding will be that we have.

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We will post an updated Canary statement at least every month. If the update date on the Canary is more than 30 days old, you can assume we have received a warrant with a “gag order”.

This is the Crypho Warrant Canary

As of 2018-06-12 10:30:00 CET

Crypho has received no warrants
for data seizure, metadata or other information

This note will be updated on a monthly basis.