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Crypho for the consulting sector

Watchcom uses Crypho for secure communications

Watchcom Security Group AS is a leading Norwegian supplier of consultancy services within cybersecurity. Watchcom is the driving force behind Paranoia Conference, one of the Nordic region’s largest security events, attracting hundreds of participants and attendees.

The challenge

Christian A. Holm Hansen, Security Manager at Watchcom, searched for a user friendly method for encrypted real time communications with their customers as well as within their own teams. Given the sensitive nature of their work, Watchcom needs ways of communicating securely with their customers. Their previous process, PGP encrypted email, was not scalable, and it was complex to communicate with multiple people at once.

Getting new customers on board took too much time and effort, and managing encryption keys caused administrative and security challenges.

The solution

Crypho is a messaging and file sharing application built with the needs of consultants and demanding security professionals in mind. It uses easy to use and strong end-to-end encryption to keep all information confidential between service provider and its customers.

Watchcom’s penetration testing team switched to using Crypho on a daily basis. The team also moves an increasing number of their enterprise customers to the Crypho platform. After the transition to Crypho, their customer on-boarding process for secure communications has been reduced to a few minutes. Their clients can install the software on their own, on their laptops or mobile phones, and no longer have to worry about the complexities of key management.

Watchcom now has a real-time channel to communicate with their customers, both person- to person as well as in groups. They also have an easy way of sharing files and documents containing sensitive information.


We previously relied on PGP for secure customer communication. This took a long time to deploy and was cumbersome to use.We received a lot of good feedback on how easy, fast and efficient Crypho is to use for daily communication and file sharing.

One of our customers got their servers hacked and did not know whether they could trust their infrastructure. Using Crypho, we could establish a secure communication channel outside of their existing network and coordinate our efforts to investigate the incident.

Christian A. Holm Hansen, Security Manager, Watchcom Security Group AS