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Use of Crypho for logistics and armed forces

Wilnor Governmental Services (WGS) is part of the Wilhelmsen group, a global maritime logistics network with operations in 2 200 ports in 125 countries. WGS supplies the Norwegian Armed Forces with logistics shipping services. The Wilhelmsen group has a proud history of assisting Allied forces ever since the start of the second world war.

The challenge

WGS needed to communicate and share files efficiently between offices and ports across their global business, as well as externally with government and military customers. Wilnor does not normally operate inside the IT networks of the Armed Forces, and so does not have access to the restricted military networks on a daily basis.

Most messaging services could not be used due to the high security requirements of such communication. It was also critical that no information be shared under foreign legal jurisdiction.

The solution

After three months of successfully testing a solution based on Crypho, WGS deployed Crypho for its Management team, as well as operational teams within WGS. They now use messaging and file sharing across their units as well as with external customers using Crypho.

Using Crypho improves operational capabilities since it enables fast and reliable real-time-communications while still ensuring confidentiality and high security. WGS now has a real-time channel to communicate and collaborate with their military customers, both person-to-person as well as in project groups. They also have an easy way of sharing files and documents containing sensitive information.

Crypho gave WGS several advantages

In our business, we handle the transfer of large amounts of sensitive information across multiple physical locations, both within the company and our external partners. For this, we needed a robust yet flexible high-security messaging and file sharing solution. Existing high-security military systems were prohibitively expensive and also impractical for everyday use.

Crypho was the only solution which met our requirements. Crypho is already in use by some of the most demanding organizations in Europe. We are happy to endorse Crypho for secure communications.

Vidar Hole, CEO, WilNor Governmental Services AS