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Crypho for the law enforcement sector

Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS/NCIS).

Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service, The NCIS (Norwegian name: Kripos), was established in 1959. The NCIS received prosecution powers in 2005, has about 570 staff (2018), and reports to the National Police Directorate.

The challenge

Law enforcement units need to communicate efficiently within the teams in the field — and to pass information back and forth to headquarters. Everyone needs to stay informed. Using real time messaging apps makes this kind of communication easier. But publicly available consumer messaging apps for business communication come with high security risks and foreign jurisdiction. Few messaging apps are sufficiently secure to comply with regulations and keep information confidential.

The solution

Crypho is a messaging and file sharing application built with the needs of law enforcement and security professionals in mind. It uses strong end-to-end encryption to keep all information confidential.

Since it runs on normal smartphones and still maintains a high level of security through encryption, it is a practical choice for many units.

Several units of the Norwegian Police forces are using Crypho for coordination in their teams.

Headquarter coordination

HQ can send confidential messages and files in real time to all operatives in the field. Real time notification when messages are sent and read.

Always available

Stay in touch from smartphones, tablets or computers. Create secure connections at any time.

Collaborate in groups

Chat-rooms for invited members only and for specific projects only. Easy to use and efficient communication securely in groups of hundreds of people without risk of interception.

Share photos and files

Easily share files and photos. Directly from computers or smartphones.

Location sharing

Share map locations with your team at the click of a button.

Unparalleled security

All messages and files are encrypted before they are transferred over the network. They can only be decrypted when they reach their intended recipient.
Only you hold your encryption keys. All information, including files and images, is encrypted with AES with 265-bit keys on your phone or computer before being transmitted. No data is stored on the phones. Lost phones can be unlinked remotely.


”After testing multiple solutions, we found that Crypho answered our needs — both in terms of security, functionality and ease of use.“