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ComputerWeekly: Six Nordic startups enterprise IT users should watch

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ComputerWeekly published an article today on “Six Nordic startups enterprise IT users should watch”, featuring Crypho.

…Crypho is another SaaS operator, but it also taps into a perennially hot topic: data security. The Tonsberg-based company, founded in 2012, provides end-to-end encrypted real-time communication between teams and companies and covers messaging, chats and file transfers.

All messages and files are encrypted on the user’s device before being transferred over the internet. Crypho promises the data cannot be decrypted and read until it is received by a recipient with the correct keys. Even the startup itself cannot access the data.

Those worried about any NSA-related snooping will be happy to hear the cloud-based service is hosted in Norway. Crypho is also network agnostic and works using a standard web browser. The service is targeted at businesses, but also offers a free basic version to individuals.


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