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Introducing Recovery Keys

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One of the most common customer requests we receive is the ability to reset your passphrase without losing your content and contacts. With the new recovery keys you can do this in a straightforward manner.

The recovery key is a 256 bit key printed in the form of 24 words. It can be used to recover your account should you forget your passphrase.

Here’s an example of how it might look:

Example Recovery Key

Creating your recovery key

You can create a recovery key by selecting Verification in the Settings section in the Crypho desktop or web apps. It is not possible to create recovery keys from the mobile app.

Key Recovery menu entry

It is only possible to have one recovery key available at any time. Creating a new recovery key instantly invalidates all previously generated recovery keys. 

The new recovery key will only be shown to you once. There is no way to access it again. We recommend that you write it down or print it on paper. Store your key in a safe place, for example in an envelope in a safe or bank deposit box. Do not store it digitally. And make sure no-one else gets access to it. 

Should you forget your passphrase or lose your two-factor authentication mechanism in the future, you will then be able to use this key to recover your account.   

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