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Secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging for Android and iOS

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We are happy to announce that the Crypho mobile app is now available for both iOS and Android.

The mobile app brings a lightweight interface to the Crypho web application you already use. It lets you access all your contacts, conversations and groups from your phone. Everything is still strongly end-to-end-encrypted, just like you are used to.

The app also provides convenient instant notifications when your contacts message you, or post to groups. It makes it easier and more convenient to stay up-to-date with what is happening in your conversations, without compromising security.


We have kept the mobile app easy, intuitive and secure. With your help and feedback we look forward to releasing frequent updates with improvements and new features. For the best experience, use both the mobile and web app in combination: They stay seamlessly in sync so you can use a keyboard when you are by your computer, and bring your chat with you on your phone when you are on the move.

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